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EGYPT – $6.5 billion for 24 transportation projects in 2022


The transport industry holds a prominent place in Egypt’s development policy. Between rail yards and modern mobile units, the government intends to kill two birds with one stone by mitigating the challenges of mobility, which add to the ecological challenges. 

As part of its 2022 budget, the Egyptian Ministry of Transport planned to spend $6.5 billion to implement 24 transport projects. This represents 25% of the development funding portfolio of the Department of International Cooperation.

This investment will be used, among other things, to continue work in progress, such as the development of signalling systems on the railway tracks, mobile transport units, the monorail towards the new administrative capital from the city of October 6, the renovations of the metro, the rehabilitation of the tramway on Raml Line, as well as the rapid completion of the environmental impact and economic feasibility studies of the planned projects in 2022,” said Kamel Al-Wazir, Egypt’s Minister of Transport.

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These various projects that require huge investments have been initiated in recent years as part of the implementation of the Egyptian government’s strategic plan called Vision 2030 which incorporates remarkable transformations to be made to the transportation of the country. Against the backdrop of a major metamorphosis of the railway network and an almost complete renewal of the national fleet of locomotives.

Apart from improving connectivity between governorates and cities as well as between industrial areas, these projects are helping to readjust mobility models in the Egyptian capital, which is currently one of the most populous on the continent. 

Among other impacts, these various projects, which incorporate green mobility models for some, offer leaders the opportunity to strengthen the State’s climate policy for sustainable development.

Source: Agence Ecofin/ Par Henoc Dossa


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