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BLACK ARTIST LIVES MATTER: Designer Murielle Kabile scrolls for black entrepreneurs on the Champs Élysées

Black Artist Lives Matter by Murielle Kabile Vanida Hoang

The ingenious idea of Murielle Kabile is to support black entrepreneurs and it is on the Champs Élysées that she will express her idea. With its slogan inspired by the struggle of blacks in the United States “Black ARTIST lives matter”. Through this struggle, she made a wink to Georges Floyd who died under the knees of a white policeman but also to the fight of endurance of Assa Traoré for his brother Adama Traoré. Murielle Kabile gives her score in this struggle in perpetual search of recognition with this unique show.

The color, the flow of the gait, determination, action, they wore them all these mannequins that stroll generously on the great avenue of the Champs Élysées in colors. There were six of them, six beautiful creatures sublimated by the fairy fingers of Murielle Kabile, a woman no longer present in the scene of Parisian designers.

Murielle Kabile is a committed artist entrepreneur. For several years she multiplies events in different forms to pass messages, enhance hair and mark minds. Between the Cannes Film Festival, fashion-weekends, exhibitions and Wild shows where she constantly highlights Afro hair. She was able to show her strength, her determination, mainly during one of the last events “DON’T TOUCH MY HAIR” on June 16, 2019 at Opéra which went around the world to defend its ideas through the freedom of frizzy hair, curly and curly to change mentalities in the world! She was able to hit very hard with a dozen models of all origins in the heart of Paris.

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Today she wants to put her finger today on the fact that black artist entrepreneurs in France do not necessarily find the place deserved, the lack of consideration, of solidarity the fact of having to do more and more. Forced to note that a black artist-entrepreneur cannot be in spite of all his talents, a Dior, a Van Gogh , a Chopin, LVMH and or L ‘ORÉAL, known and recognized that will go into history. Some minorities have been on the other side for a few years, but only with a drop in the bucket!

The full video of the parade on the Champs Elysées:

It is time to have our talents recognized and valued at the level of those who are already in place, to find a way to mark our names in history, because we are an integral part of this country and we contribute to its cultural development in the world. Over the past few days, we have seen the rise of black movements on social networks, which call for the gathering of artists-entrepreneurs so that they can support each other and emerge together. The confinement and the manifestation Georges Floyd followed by that of Adama traore made us realize how black people have their place in the world. The life of an artist-entrepreneur also counts,” she said.

Murielle Kabile @arnaud_mellah

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