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RWANDA: The country ranked 1st African country and 6th worldwide in the management of Covid-19

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Rwanda was ranked, in a report published by the Lowy Institute, first country in the management of the coronavirus pandemic and 6th in the world. The study covers 98 countries and is based on public data, population, level of development among others.

The Lowy Sydney Institute (ILS), an Australian think tank based in Syndey, has released its latest report on handling the coronavirus pandemic. And it is Rwanda that takes the lead in this ranking in Africa and places 6th in the world with a score of 80.8 / 100.

In order to establish its ranking, the think tank took into account a number of key indicators, including confirmed cases, deaths per million people as well as the proportion of tests. At the continental level, Rwanda is followed by Togo (72.8) and Tunisia (66.7). Mozambique is in 4th place (60.2) ahead of Malawi (60.2). At the international level, the prize goes to New Zealand (94.4), which takes first place in pandemic management. It is followed by Vietnam (90.8), Taiwan (86.4), Thailand (84.2) and Cyprus (83.3). Brazil was voted the worst student in this ranking with an average of 4.3.

However, the institute said no political system comes out on top in terms of dealing with the pandemic. “Some countries handled it better than others, but most countries stood out only for their poor performance,” the study reports. The report also showed that smaller populations, cohesive societies and capable institutions were important factors in the success of the pandemic fight.

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Rwanda has increased its screening capacity, with more than 4,000 daily tests. Since the start of the pandemic, 14,529 cases of Covid-19 have been recorded in Rwanda, including 183 deaths, or 1.3% of those infected.

Ranking of African countries in terms of management of the covid-19 pandemic according to the Lowy Institute

Rank (Africa) Country World rank) Score out of 100
1 Rwanda 6th 80.8

2 Togo 15th 72.8

3 Tunisia 21st 66.7

4 Mozambique 26th 60.2

5 Malawi 27th 60.2

6 Zambia 29th 59.8

7 Uganda 30th 59.7

8 Ivory Coast 34th 57.9

9 Senegal 36th 55.9

10 Zimbabwe 38th 54.9

11 DRC 39th 54.9

12 Madagascar 40th 54.2

13 Ghana 41st 53.8

14 Ethiopia 46th 49.1

15 Kenya 48th 48.2

16 Nigeria 49th 47.4

17 Namibia 57th 42

18 Morocco 68th 37.1

19 Libya 77th 31.7

20 South Africa 82nd 25.4


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