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SENEGAL – TAARU RAP GALSEN: Leuz Diwan G, a genius of the pen and melodies

Leuz Diwan G @Capture photo Maodo Vision Photography

Leuz Diwan G, builder of his own art! He is a very creative and comprehensive artist. There is no doubt that LEUZ is a true artist with a proven talent. He made his debut in a DIWAN G rap group before playing solo. Since his fief MBAO he creates a pretty image very well validated by the galsen hip hop since his music integrates all backgrounds and is consumed by all generations. The artist as such has assets and potentials that make him a Master of the microphone and melody. Leuz Diwan G is a beautiful voice. Above all, he is a singer and his beautiful voice attracts lovers of good music to feast on his pretty hits.

A talented rapper…
Leuz Diwan G sings most of the songs but he has a talent for rapping that he often shows . Leuz is a versatile, which offers him many possibilities to develop to convince music lovers in his albums .

A great lyricist…
Beyond his beautiful voice and his talent as a rapper, Leuz has a formidable pen that allows him to develop committed themes: society, love, religion, family life, friendship, etc… Writing is also its strong point.

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A commitment and a love for his community Mboa..
The patriotic spirit animates him through his works towards the people of Mbao. Solidarity and sharing are always present in his daily life. Leuz already has albums on the market “Diagnostic” in 2015 and “Prescription” in 2020 that are real masterpieces. He is one of those artists who give satisfaction they must be encouraged and valued.

Leuz Diwan G was one of a generation of talented artists who took to the stage of the “Taarou Rap Galsen”, a production of Sen Art Vision which was staged on 25 December 2022 at the esplanade of the Grand Theatre of Dakar.


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