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SENEGAL – TAARU RAP GALSEN: Akatsuki SN des Parcelles Assainies, a multifaceted talent connection

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They have been much talked about for two years. The Akatsuki SN group is a connection of young artists who live in the plots they already consider as the capital of rap. Indeed, the legacy of P.A ZOU alumni ( plots) is already in good hands with a new generation that is unleashed through performances and musical productions.

The connection consists of 4 young artists: Xhalil, Sory the officer, LMN and Talla BTB. Their song “Weredi” has reached a global dimension since tenors of French rap had reacted at the time to validate the talent of the artists (example Booba or BLACK M). Nevertheless, the connection will be welded and has recently released a project with the label Negou Rap.

On the technical side…
These young people are full of talent and reveal assets. On the technical side, they are comfortable in the drill and manage to impose themselves in the rap with charm. Fun is there. They are comfortable on stage and in the performances we see the desire to rap in them which is an essential point for a rap group .

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A nice complicity…
Between the 4 members we feel this affinity that binds them beyond rap. This beautiful complicity gives harmony to the arrangement of their pieces.

Brand individualities…
Everyone is a recognized talent in the game through its performances so united they can convince. Akatsuki SN is actually a great connection that gives team spirit a sure value. The group was one of the talented artists of an entire generation, who took to the stage of the “Taarou Rap Galsen”, a production of Sen Art Vision which was staged on 25 December 2022 at the esplanade of the Grand Théâtre de Dakar.


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