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SOCIAL NETWORKS: “Whatsapp” postpones its Terms of Use


Whatsapp was forced to review the new conditions it wanted to impose on its users.Faced with competition from other social networks “Signal” and “Télégram” causing the massive departure of millions of users, the application, which now belongs to Facebook, has postponed its new privacy conditions for three months.

On January 4, 2021, the application announced new terms of use. A decision that has caused millions of users to leave the digital platform that allows them to make phone calls and send texts, video or audio messages to each other. 

At the origin of this change concerning the general conditions of use, a short update of the rules of application was the starting point of a movement of distrust and distrust of users. An update that would involve sharing data with WhatsApp’s parent company which is none other than Facebook. However, via a blog post relayed on his accounts, Whatsapp said that “no one will see his account suspended or deleted on February 8 and we are delaying now”. 

The company once again defended itself in the face of “confusion and misinformation about this update”, while providing assurance that the intent was not to breach user confidentiality. The objective is fair to allow businesses to better communicate with their customers on its platform. 

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The competition is now launched with new applications such as Telegram and Signal, which seem to be taking advantage of this misunderstanding between the American giant and its users.


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