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SENEGAL: The list of the new government unveiled

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The new government’s list is finally unveiled. After several days of suspense, the names are finally known. There are 37 new faces of ministers and secretaries of state. According to Minister Seydou Guèye, this new government formation constitutes a “government of combat and results”. According to a communiqué of the Senegalese presidency this is a government of national unity.

List of members of the new government:

1 – Minister of the Armed Forces: Sidiki Kaba.

2 – Minister of Finance and Budget: Abdoulaye Daouda Diallo.

3 – Keeper of the Seals, Minister of Justice: Malick Sall.

4 – Minister of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Abroad: Mrs Aissata Tall Sall.

5 – Minister of the Interior: Antoine Felix Abdoulaye Diome.

6 – Minister for Infrastructure, Land Transport and Access: Mansour Faye.

7 – Minister of Economy, Planning and Cooperation: Amadou Hott.

8 – Minister of Public Service and Public Service Renewal: Mariama Sarr.

9 – Minister of Health and Social Action: Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr.

10 – Minister of Women, Family, Gender and Child Protection: Ms Ndeye Sali Diop Dieng.

11 – Minister of Mines and Geology: Oumar Sarr.

12 – Minister of Agriculture and Rural Equipment: Moussa Baldé.

13 – Minister of Water and Sanitation: Serigne Mbaye Thiam.

14 – Minister of Tourism and Air Transport: Alioune Sarr.

15 – Minister of Territorial Communities, Development and Planning, Spokesman of the Government: Oumar Gueye.

16 – Minister of Education: Mamadou Talla.

17 – Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation: Sheikh Oumar Anne.

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18 – Minister for Oil and Energy: Ms Sophie Gladima.

19 – Minister of Community Development, Social and Territorial Equity: Samba Ndiobene Ka.

20 – Minister of Industrial Development and Small and Medium-sized Industries: Moustapha Diop.

21 – Minister for Fisheries and Maritime Economy: Alioune Ndoye.

22 – Minister of Labour, Social Dialogue and Relations with Institutions: Samba Sy.

23 – Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development: Abdou Karim Sall.

24 – Minister of Sport: Matar Ba.

25 – Minister of Urban Planning, Housing and Public Health: Abdoulaye Saydou Sow.

26 – Minister of Trade and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: Ms Aminata Assome Diatta.

27 – Minister of Culture and Communication: Abdoulaye Diop.

28 – Minister of Livestock and Animal Production: Aly Saleh Diop.

29 – Minister for Youth: Ms Néné Fatoumata Tall.

30 – Minister of Microfinance and Social and Solidarity Economy: Mrs Zahra Iyane Thiam.

31 – Minister for Employment, Vocational Training and Crafts: Dame Diop.

32 – Minister of Crafts and Transformation of the Informal Sector: Papa Amadou Ndiaye.

33 – Minister of Digital Economy and Telecommunications: Yankhoba Diatara.

34 – State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Outsiders: Moïse Diar Diegane Sarr.

35 – Secretary of State for the Custody of the Seals, Minister of Justice, in charge of the Promotion of Human Rights and Good Governance


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