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SENEGAL: Ousmane Sonko’s case: Sidy Ahmeth Mbaye, the man who came to retrieve Adji Raby Sarr heard by the Research Section


As you’ve heard, this Ousmane Sonko VS Adji Raby Sarr case, rigged up by broken arms of espionage, will create more problems for the regime than it solves. And with the hearings of Ndèye Khady Ndiaye’s husband like that of Mama Ba who exonerates Ousmane Sonko, it is Sidy Ahmeth Mbaye who completely destroys the accusation of the alleged rape victim. By the investigation newspaper Kewoulo

While she claimed to be a victim of rape, it was neither the police nor the gendarmes, let alone the firefighters, who came to the aid of the masseuse. It is a small mob answering the name of Sidy Ahmeth Mbaye who came, in full curfew, exfiltrate Adji Raby Sarr to, with her, prepare the retaliation. Write your complaint, take the time to sleep and only go to the research section the next day. As Kéwoulo had very clearly said, in our last revelation about the hearings of the witnesses, this case left to die of his beautiful death, since the rape, which was to be the blessed bread of this plot, was rejected from the very first hours.

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For information, this Sidy Ahmeth Mbaye is the son of an official of Benno Bokk Yakkar and he told the gendarmes that he was a “longtime friend” of Adji Raby Sarr only came to his aid at his request. The discovery of this dismal character whose father is an active supporter of President Macky Sall, is sufficient proof of the conspiracy thesis.

But, as Babacar Touré said in his latest video, “neither the State nor President Macky Sall in person are involved in this montage.” It was espionage adventurers who set up this ill-conceived stunt thinking they were doing Macky Sall a favor, silencing his only opponent. But with the turn of events, they risk having a boomerang effect. The accusers and conspirators will find themselves in the position of accused. As a reminder, one of the witnesses heard in this case named a personality of Benno Bokk Yakaar (BBY) in this case. For our part, in Kéwoulo, we continue our investigations and will come back soon with crispy details.

Source : the investigation newspaper Kewoulo / By Ousmane Thiam


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