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SENEGAL: Rain of support for opponent Ousmane Sonko accused of rape

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Ousmane Sonko’s home has been full since the rape complaint filed against him by a 20-year-old masseuse named Adji Sarr. Members of the opposition and activists believe that the member for Pastef is the subject of a conspiracy to exclude him from the next election.

Ousmane Sonko’s house, located at the Keur Gorgui City in Sacré-Coeur, is under attack by opposition leaders, activists and other activists and supporters. Mame Diarra Fam, Member of the Senegalese Democratic Party, Aïda Mbodj, President of the National Alliance for Democracy (PDS), Ladiop Diop, Maimouna Bousso of the PDS, Les Linguères de Bignona, Mor Tallah Gueye of the Citizen Movement «Y’en a assez» ; activists Guy Marius Sagna, Abdou Karim Guèye and Assane Diouf; the leader of “Taxawu Senegaal”, Khalifa Sall; Maître Moussa Diop of AG/Jotna, the mayor of Mermoz/Sacré-Cœur, Barthélemy Dias; Moustapha Guirassy of the PDS; Moustapha Guèye; the coordinator of the platform Avenir Senegaal Bi Nu Beug, Sheikh Tidiane Dièye; the boss of the party AGIR, Thierno Bocoum; the patriots of PASTEF; the leader of the Democratic Forces of Senegal, Dr Babacar Diop, all these beautiful people wanted to show their support to the boss of Pastef accused of repeated rapes and death threats on a young masseuse.

It should be noted that there were several arrests and many wounded during the clashes, Monday, February 8 , between the security forces and the militants of Pastef. Some political figures have also had their degree. This is the case of Maimouna Bousso, president of the citizen forces movement and Makhtar Sourang, Secretary General of the National Patriotic Union (UNP) who were arrested by the police while they came to show their support to the leader of Pastef, Ousmane Sonko.

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However, in order to curb this heavy influx in the middle of the pandemic, the gendarmerie has purely and simply banned access to Ousmane Sonko’s home. Indeed, the roads leading to his home have been barricaded with a strong police presence. Moustapha Guirassy, who came to visit him, was the first to bear the brunt of this new measure.Indeed, the gendarmes on the spot asked him to turn back because access to the house is now forbidden.

In Bignona, there were also clashes between militants and police yesterday. There, too, there were arrests. Le Pastef even issued a statement denouncing the torture of which its activists arrested on Monday are currently victims.

The president of Africa Jom Center, Alioune Tine, is concerned for the Senegalese democracy seriously affected by the violence at Ousmane Sonko’s home. “The images of the violence in Sonko are those of a gravely ill democracy. It cannot survive the pace of the political liquidations of all the candidates for the post of President of the Republic since 2012. The 2024 horizon is bleak, as is democracy and the rule of law. The use of all weapons to retain power or to conquer state power poses serious dangers to the rule of law, democracy and the Republic. Especially when you open the gutter valves, sewers and low pits. Politics will stink everywhere,” he said.

Meanwhile, the procedure to waive his parliamentary immunity was tabled on February 9 by the Ministry of Justice in the National Assembly. A procedure that could be examined as early as February 11: the president of the House of the Senegalese Parliament, Moustapha Niasse, convened the members of the bureau of the Assembly on this date.


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