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CAMEROON – Yannick Noah released his new single with full optimism “Life is now”

Yannick Noah @Capture photo page Facebook Yannick Noah

Before the official release of the album “La Marfée”, scheduled for October 21, 2022, Yannick Noah is already distilling a few key tracks from this next album. On September 15, 2022, he just released the single “La vie c’est maintenant”: a song that soothes “the wave to the soul”. The album is available for pre-order.

We thought that Yannick Noah had left everything to go to his father’s village in Etoudi, Cameroon, for a golden retreat. Some people whispered that he would go to Cameroon to rest. Nothing could be further from the truth. In his head, sounds are still rushing. If it was easy for him to hang up his racket, not sure it will be the same for the microphone. Yannick Noah releases “La Marfé” his next album in a few weeks. As an introduction, he posted on his Youtube account the clip of a song from the new album: “Life is now”.

Yannick Noah @Capture photo page Facebook Yannick Noah

This single “La vie c’est maintenant” was shot in Etoudi, Cameroon, at “Village Noah”. In this title, Yannick Noah delivers a beautiful message supported by beautiful words and wrapped in a sumptuous decor. This song is equivalent to Lexomil; a sound full of optimism and good mood. In song notes, there is an almost communicative mood that stifles bitterness. It is a song of good humour, a hold on the present, for it is only by living in this way that we “get rid of pain”: “Life is now, we don’t have time / No regrets or resentment, head elsewhere, head elsewhere / Life is now, we see things in a big way / We dig out the pain, put the heart in, put the heart in / Life is now, life is now.”

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This album, the twelfth of the artist, has 13 tracks on the themes of his music: love, brotherhood, solidarity, mutual aid. How to prove him wrong? A UFO of French music, surrounded by a certain cult by his faithful, reached maturity in this new album. The artist’s voice, even with time, has been preserved without molding, refining his words that speak directly to us. This album is a digest of folk and afro-beat. A high quality album.

Yannick Noah remains at 62, one of the most popular Frenchmen; popular as winner of the Roland-Garros in 1983 and popular as a singer. He is also a traditional chef in Cameroon, a title inherited after his father’s death in 2017. That makes for caps. He remains the only French sportsman to have succeeded in his musical conversion. In 1991, he released his first single, «Saga Africa». He goes on and on, “Ma colère”, “La Voix des sages”, “On court”, “Aux arbres citoyens”.

Capture photo page Facebook Yannick Noah

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