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SENEGAL – “The insurrection will be televised” by Pierre Sané

Pierre Sané

Who could have imagined that Senegal of “emergence” would give birth to a regime of tyranny? The bait is simply the presidency for life. The Pastef is only the face of a people that growls with anger. By Pierre Sané

Call for an uprising?

Let’s be serious!

The insurrection cannot be attributed to one political actor or another. No. What triggers the insurrection is tyranny.

Insurgency is like when a healthy immune system produces antibodies when attacked by an unhealthy and malicious virus. The healthier the immune system (social cohesion, solidarity, resilience, spirituality…) the more firm and unequivocal the response is. For a democracy, it is a survival reaction. It is enough to read the history books or better to reread the preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948: “Considering that it is essential that Human Rights be protected by a regime of law, so that Man is not forced, as a last resort, to revolt against tyranny and oppression…”

No need for a so-called “call”.

Tyranny, on the other hand, is a political project, particularly unhealthy and malicious. Can we “learn to live with such a virus”? No, of course not!

Should we do it? Out of the question!

We have to get rid of him.

Who could have imagined that Senegal of “emergence” would give birth to a regime of tyranny?

First of all, the definition of a tyrant (from the indispensable Wikipedia): “The nature of tyrannical power is indeed recognized by the fact that the tyrant, without abolishing the laws, places himself above them. The perversion of this regime is also due to the fact that «tyranny cumulates the vices of democracy and those of the oligarchy», because of the tyrant’s love for wealth and his hostility towards the people he disarms and enslaves. Tyranny is the arbitrary and absolute power of a sovereign, person or group of persons with supreme authority, characterized by a government of oppression and injustice.”

Is Macky Sall a tyrant in the making?

“I will reduce opposition to its simplest expression.” (and not bring the whole nation together in its diversity).

This is the political agenda that Senegalese President Macky Sall unveiled to his fellow citizens at a press conference in Kaffrine on April 16, 2015. That day Macky Sall made public his determination to wage a merciless war against democracy.

When I saw that pronouncement, I couldn’t believe it. I was out of the country. Internationalist friends and comrades from Turkey, Ireland, Kenya, Côte d’Ivoire and others have called me to confirm that this came from the mouth of the President of the Republic of Senegal, a constitutionalized Republic as secular and social democratic for 60 years. And section 58 “guarantees political parties that oppose government policy the right to oppose”.

Senegal? A democracy under construction had I always told them.

But, they answer me, Macky Sall controls the legislative, the judicial power; he is Prime Minister, he appoints all his constitutional advisers, he commands the army, he does what he wants with your money including buying the most expensive train in the world (French train of course). It decides on the composition of the lists of candidate deputies of its coalition, appoints the heads of the list of local elections, writes the Constitution, changes the rules of the game before the elections, chooses its opponents in the elections, assigns itself the role of master of prosecutions, has the administration.. And … decides the colour of the buses!” (brown-beige of course).

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“Pierre, can you still give us the Senegalese democratic exception after all this?”

Pitifully, I say, at least we’ve never had a coup d’état.

“Oh yeah, yeah? Did your president-poet not orchestrate the first independent African coup d’état against the President of the Council of Ministers in 1962, rigging his trial and sentencing him to life imprisonment (Mamadou Dia)?”

Coming back to the subject of Macky Sall, they tell me (they become ruthless):

«Reduce to its simplest expression?

Dictionaries give us a list of synonyms: submit, destroy, destroy, break, defeat, compel, subjugate, tame, crush, subdue, enslave, crush, consumer, shred, corner, curl up. 

Reread the list above and you will see how it captures all the actions of President Macky Sall against the opposition since March 2012.”

Indeed, the war against democracy has intensified.

Already, after having won Idrissa Seck, he plastronnait that he now gathered 85% of the electorate. And now what does he do? It seeks to stifle the voices of the remaining 15%. Fifteen percent more and it can become monarch and tyrant.

Thus, Macky Sall aims to grant himself literally all the powers without counter-powers and without opposition.

But of course, it will lack the essential powers, the key element, namely the sovereign power to beat its own currency, to supervise the banks and to decide the amount of money in circulation as well as the interest rates. This is so that we can pursue equitable development policies, create a true economy and end poverty.

Because this power belongs to the Governor of the Central Bank (BCEAO) whose real boss is Bruno Lemaire, French Minister of Finance.If Macky Sall is a true «warrior» then he goes to win this trophy. Nothing is easier than being brave when you have guns and bullets in front of kids with rocks. But facing the master, we bend the back! Enslavement, when you hold us.

That is why Macky Sall will always be only a tyrant by delegation with the latitude however to impose by force and violence the perpetuation of his stay in power. The bait is simply the lifetime presidency.

But we all know that if you combine presidency for life with oil and gas the disaster sets in: wars, widespread corruption, poverty, inequality, repression all kinds of nepotism. Just look around us: Gabon, Congo, Chad, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea… That’s why all these friends call me: “Senegal must not join this club.”

Senegal does not deserve this destiny and will not accept it. As for the manifest will to break the momentum of Pastef? It’s a waste of time because Pastef is just the face of a people who are growling with anger.

Macky Sall made the mistake of confusing the results of a controversial election with the standing people.

If he does not learn the lesson and persists in his mistakes then yes the insurrection will be at the rendezvous and it will be televised. No need for any «appeal».

However, it would be instructive to make a phone call to Blaise Compaoré.



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