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BENIN – “Wild intrusions into my smartphone by our executioners” Reckya Madougou

Reckya Madougou

Beninese opponent Reckya Madougou says she is the victim of wild intrusions in her smartphone by her executioners. A message she posted on her Facebook page on Friday, February 26, 2021. Threats that, according to her, hardly blunt her.

“Dear Compatriots
For the past few days I have noticed unwanted intrusions and spying in my smartphone. Malicious individuals whose sponsors we know, shameless hackers, installed spyware to gain access to my phone data and especially my whatsapp account.
Already on February 6, 2021, an unfortunate communiqué of the Progressive Union found itself on my status while I had never posted anything before. A text that wasn’t even on my phone before. Pathetic. That night, around 2:00 in the morning, they crossed the rubicond after reading my messages by extracting a visual that I asked my team to correct. This visual, they extracted it fraudulently remotely from my Whatsapp conversation with mine and put it online on my Whatsapp status. I have already requested an audit of my phone and I will file an international complaint against Whatsapp, which will be responsible for finding its hackers on our phones.
Dear friends, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to protect your smartphones from the risks of espionage and piracy by adopting effective precautionary measures available on the Internet.
Moreover, my residence is constantly spotted by vehicles with blue plates. This morning, there were six of them.
The political struggle in Benin today uses gestapo methods. In addition to risking our lives, our freedom and privacy are flouted without a soul.
If we have to start up this whole armada of mafia-style methods to get elected, there is a good chance that we will not let that happen.
“To defeat without peril, triumph without glory!”
My dear compatriots, they will not deprive us of a third election, whatever they do. They will all have to kill all.
Reckya Madougou”


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