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CAMEROON – Charlotte Dipanda and Tenor surprise the fans! She said “Yes!”

Ténor et Charlotte Dipanda

On tour for a few weeks for the promotion of his new EP “Mother Earth” released in June 18, 2021, Tenor surprises the metaverse with a proposal of the most unusual. On a song excerpt, he makes eyes soft on the beautiful Charlotte Dipanda. Isn’t that beautiful? I’m about to crush a tear.

They will never cease to surprise us, these singers. All originals who do not miss the slightest opportunity to leave the frames. This Wednesday, August 10, 2022, on his Facebook page, Tenor makes a most unexpected release: he proposes to Charlotte Dipanda in a rather surprising way a collaboration. Which one? I see you rolling your eyes like an owl. On a beautiful song, he invites Charlotte to a collab. To be more woke, to a featuring. This surprised fans of both artists, because this kind of things are done underground. And the public is only informed when the mix is released.

Charlotte answers “yes” through this video by singing:

A few hours later, it was Charlotte Dipanda’s turn to put the canvas in turmoil. On a cover of the extract of the same song, to the great surprise of the metavers, she improvises some notes. And the tone of his voice has made everyone agree. An unusual way for an artist to say “Yes” at the invitation of another. Who is Tenor? That kid with the scary eyes and golden teeth?

Tenor is a Cameroonian rapper born in 1998 in Yaoundé! Tenor! That’s his stage name. In civil status, his name is Thierry Mengoumou Ayia. He was really not wrong to take a stage name; the registrar’s name is not fun at all. We stop teasing this kid about his name. It’s not cool. More seriously, he started his musical career in 2014. He made headlines until July 15, 2021, when he was involved in a deadly accident.

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Charlotte Dipanda! What a woman! She has everything: voice, head and beauty. This beautiful lady was born in the same city as Tenor: Yaoundé. Coming from a family of artists, very early on she is lulled with different sounds. From the cradle, her ears have been watered with rhythms. Already at 15, she sings in the cabarets of the Cameroonian capital. Having started as a backup singer, she tapped into the eye of Jeannot Hens who helped her release her first album.

Here’s a white-stone featuring. Their video on the web was one of the most beautiful, fiery and impactful acts of generosity that the music world has had to show us so far. Two ultra-talented Cameroonian artists are going to work together for the first time. This suggests that we will hear something sublime. Charlotte is undoubtedly one of the most emblematic voices of Cameroon: a pure and frank timbre that will set in counterpoint the voice of Tenor, a hoarse voice of a strong ardour. The whole will be simply sublime and explosive! .


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