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CAMEROON: The country institutes a “quality premium” for cocoa producers.


he Cameroonian Minister for Trade, Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana, announced by circular letter the institution, as of the 2017/2018 campaign launched last Friday In the locality of Ntui (Center), a “quality premium” paid at the end of the marketing year to producers who marketed a cocoa recognized as such.

The bonus, allocated through the share of the royalty to the Cocoa and Coffee Sector Development Fund (FODECC), will be in addition to those normally granted by purchasers / exporters, with the stated aim of raising the Standard of this annuity product.

The government, according to Mbarga Atangana, “decided to mobilize the general mobilization, both on the domestic and international front” by reducing the amount of the export charge by 50% From 150 to 75 CFA francs per kilogram and to support, in a special way, the purchasing power of producers.

Thus, it was also announced that the system of group sales of cocoa by producers would be generalized and systematic use, at the time of price negotiation, of the reference prices published by the Information System for the sectors .

Similarly, the government has recently provided producers in the basins of the South-West and Littoral regions with modern drying ovens, in order to combat the smoke odor phenomenon negatively affecting the Cameroon label on the market And to equip other ponds in storage and consolidation warehouses.

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As regards transparency and the fight against export fraud, measures are currently being implemented in the country, with the implementation of the E’force platform and reinforcement, coupled with the tightening of penalties To the temporary withdrawal of the declaration of existence and the professional card.

In terms of the main lines of action of the cocoa sector, the Cameroonian authorities have indicated that they have instituted the fair remuneration of producers, the continuation of the crusade against fraudulent exports, the intensification of the fight against the phenomenon of coxage “.

It is also a question of intensifying the promotion of the consumption of local cocoa-derived products, of extending the Marketing Organization Support Program (AOC), under the authority of the CICC, The continuation and strengthening of all the programs and projects carried out by the Interprofessional Cocoa and Coffee Council (CICC).

Cameroon, it is recalled, aims to produce 600,000 tons of cocoa by 2020, compared with some 250,000 tons today, of which 32,128 tons are processed locally.

Source: APAnews


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