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CÔTE D’IVOIRE: Guillaume Soro explodes “the deal”.

Guillaume Soro,

Guillaume Soro, former leader of the Ivorian rebellion, continues to spill his bile on Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara. In front of the press, on Tuesday January 28, 2020 in Paris, the former Ivorian Prime Minister said that the current Ivorian president did not respect the “deal” that bound them.

In 2006, before being appointed Prime Minister under Laurent Gbagbo, Guillaume Soro claims to have had a secret agreement with Alassane Ouatarra, number 1 opponent at the time.

The “deal” which linked the two men revolves around three main points: first the current Ivorian president had promised to make Guillaume Soro the prime minister as soon as he was elected head of the country, then he was to be number 2 of the party, and finally he had to cede the presidential chair to him once the two terms run.

To corroborate his words, the former president of the National Assembly takes as witness the ex-president of Brukinabe, Blaise Compaoré, and a “Ivorian religious guide” in the presence of whom these commitments were made.


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