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FRANCE: Professor Raoult: “the French scientific council has gone wrong…”

Professor Didier Raoult; Infectiologist and Emeritus Professor of Microbiology ©7sur7.be

According to the Marseilles professor, the French scientific council has gone the wrong way by asking people to stay home until they have respiratory problems…

The reason there have been so many deaths in France is that not all people with Covid-19 have— “not treated”, simply said Professor Raoult, director of the IHU Méditerranée, recounts 20 minutes.fr.

Interviewed by the daily newspaper La Provence, he claims that the coronavirus would have killed twice as many people if the authorities had not instructed people spared respiratory complications to stay at home until the disease worsened.

A wrong instruction

“When we looked at the scanners, we realized that getting the message out of shortness of breath was a mistake because people had very serious lung injuries without being breathless,” he said, adding: “We treated 3,700 people and didn’t have a problem.”

He defends his approach

“I remain convinced that we saved people not only with the treatment but because we took care of them: we hospitalized them, oxygenated them, we gave them anticoagulants, that is what makes a big difference”, he argues.

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‘If we had not been afraid, we would have half as many deaths,’ concludes the controversial expert who is due to be heard on Wednesday by the National Assembly’s commission of inquiry on the management of the epidemic.

Source: 7sur 7.be


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