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SENEGAL-LEGISLATIVE: These results are only shameful because false.


Abdoul Mbaye, president of the Alliance for Citizenship and Labor, head of the coalition Joyyanti, denounces the results of the legislative elections of 30 July 2017.

My dear Companions,
Nine months after the start of our party’s activities, our bodies had decided to participate in the legislative elections scheduled in 2017 although soon came.
The latter took place. They will remain as the poorest organized in Senegal for 50 years. Their results will soon be official. They will impose themselves on us. They are particularly unfavorable to us.

We know, however, that they do not reflect the will of the people, but we choose not to be in the shoes of the bad loser since our two main objectives have been achieved.
We wanted to experience the first election and better prepare the future ones. We know today the organizer of the election untrustworthy, at the same time that we have observed a particularly regrettable democratic retreat mixing incompetence and concern to refuse transparency. Rejecting any audit of the electoral register was already an admission before the time. Senegalese citizens absent from the lists despite the possession of their biometric identity cards or their receipts now know why this audit was refused by the Senegalese authorities.

Everything has gone by. Everything was cheating, mixing gravity and comedy: the purchase of consciences, those of the candidates and those of the electors; Buses allowing voters to travel to voting centers abroad only for APR activists for the first time; The fights organized in several of them; The bulletin of the outgoing majority that “the wind moved to cover the lot of bulletins of the coalition Joyyanti” to Cambérène; The blue bulletin of our coalition turned violet and thus hardly recognizable by the voters; The votes that reduced the votes in favor of our coalition when we did not have representatives in the offices without fear of final totally aberrant counts (example: 1495 votes in Dakar …), etc.

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Above all, we have achieved the goal of broadly disseminating our political message through the electoral campaign. We have carried it with other coalitions of patriots and enlightened the voters on the role of the deputy and the importance in a democracy of a parliament that is not totally subject to the executive power.

These results were possible only through the remarkable commitment of our companions and militants of the Allied parties. I would like to express my deep gratitude for their commitment and congratulations on the results achieved.

It remains for us to engage the future. These results are only shameful because false. Our people did not refuse the call for a policy putting their interests before those of a political class, certainly in power, but already condemned. It’s a question of time.
Companions, let’s go back to the book where it had been interrupted: the validation of the basic committees of the ACT party which had been suspended and the setting up of its structures in place of the provisional ones that had started our project. Let us continue our effort to explain “politics differently” and awaken consciences, by giving ethics the place it must find in our society and politics. Let us continue to call unceasingly to transform Senegal into a true democracy by the balance of its institutions.

Companions remain standing! Tomorrow is near, “it will be new and it will depend on us” (Gaston Berger).

Abdoul Mbaye
President of the Alliance for Citizenship and Labor
Joyyanti coalition list head


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