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SENEGAL: Two singles to pay tribute to Ndongo Lo, the man with the golden voice who left very early.

Ousmane Jordan Fall Co-founder of "Rainbow Music"

Ousmane Jordan Fall is the co-founder of Label 6 “Rainbow Music” that he created with his friend Oumar Talla who is based in Senegal. For a decade, they have been working with Assy Gall and Sister Yaki. They excel in the field of artist management. They identify talents, ensure their production and supervise the promotion of their musical achievements in Europe and Africa. Their objective ; relay between Belgium and Senegal to allow artists to be produced to live their passion: music. Today, anniversary of the death of the late Ndongo Lo, through a single, talented artists from the world of Senegalese hip-hop, put their desire together in a song whose message and melodies are undeniably a ode of love and inalienable affection towards the king of the music of Pikine alias Ndongo Lo. An artist left too early, leaving a total void in the hearts of those who loved him and loved his music. In this single, words from the heart of all these artists together to say once again sit well djambar, the man with the golden voice. Ze-Africanews.com met Ousmane Jordan Fall in Belgium with Rainbow Music, who co-produced the singles with the band Jamm Batay.

Who is Ousmane Fall Jordan? Your experience ?
A very delicate question because talking about oneself has never been easy. I was born and raised at Pikine Street 10 in the suburbs of Dakar. I did part of my studies in Senegal and the other part in Europe. I live in Belgium for several years with my wife and children. Producer, manager and promoter of shows, I represent a good part of Senegalese musicians here in Europe and particularly in Belgium. The showbiz virus caught me as a teenager. I took my first steps under the direction of Lotére Gomis ex-manager of the legendary rap group PBS Dakar. Then with the late Mamadou Konté of the Label “Africa Festivals” and finally under the direction of Bouba Ndour, the little brother of Youssou Ndour, who knew how to make me a part of the person I am today. Naturally, I had then to perfect myself in Europe alongside Dominique Baron, Romain Bilharz, Alpha Thiam to name only those there …

How was born the project of the single on Ndongo Lo?
The idea of ​​making a single tribute to Ndongo Lo was born from the fact that a friend of ours named Déthié N’Diaye, did us the honor to write a book to perpetuate the memory of Ndongo called “The hidden side of Ndongo Lo”. Following the release of the book, the musicians who accompanied Ndongo Lo during his lifetime under the leadership of their manager Djily Niang, had the wonderful idea of ​​a whatsapp group called “NDONGOLOBATAY”. Gradually, they started adding Ndongo Lo’s friends, fans and family. Mr. Dethié was also in the whatsapp group and when he told us his idea to make a caravan to promote the book instinctively, we offered him to finance two singles; a hip hop and mbalax with our own means to better help in the promo of the book. This is how the idea of ​​these two singles was born.

Why do you want to pay tribute to Ndongo Lo?
It’s simple ; during his lifetime, he paid tribute to us all. It was a pride for us in the suburbs to finally have an icon of his caliber, a brother, a reference, a young person who started his career in front of us with the few means and support he had, a young person who started from scratch to get to where he arrived, an ambassador of the PIKINITE concept, a pride and a flag bearer for all of Pikine and all the suburbs. A man full of talent who has fought alone since his early childhood but which, alas, was carried away very quickly, when life was really starting to smile. The tribute we pay him is deserved and we as friends of Ndongo Lo, we must do everything to make his memory alive. But also with the book Ndongo Lo’s “The Hidden Side”, we want the generations to know who Ndongo Lo was.

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Ousmane Jordan Fall Co-founder of “Rainbow Music”

Who are the artists who participated in the project and why is it important to them?
The artists who participated in the project are: Sister Yaki, who has just released a single “Ŕégler-Rek”, Najib-Sougou, Bakhaw and Djiby from the Da-Brains group, Petawbi from Pikine, Sangue-Bi, aroo; Dofou-Art-Bi, Taf-Melody, Jah-man, Kru-Mandimori, Deep-Dose, Admow-Flow, 4-Leuz, Karim Xrum Xax and OMG under the direction of DD Records Label and under the artistic direction of B- Beut and DJ Paul. I also take this opportunity to thank all members of the group Jaam-Batay without exception and all the artists who participated in the project, Sister Yaki and all the people who from near and far have participated in the realization and success of this project. For us and for artists, it was important toe to participate in this communion by thinking of our friend Ndongo Lo deep within us because during his lifetime he had very good relations with us and he was known and recognized as an artist-singer by his peers. For all of these artists, participating in this project was a way of saying thank you to Ndongo Lo.What message do you send to the young pikinoise? I ask them to take a look at the course of Ndongo Lo to convince oneself that nothing is lost in advance but also that nothing is won in advance. Ndongo Lo is an inspiring person, a bend, a young person who had a vision and a singular love of music. Being a pure product of the suburbs, I ask my sisters but especially my young brothers and nephews to set the bar very high and give themselves the means to achieve their goals. To be born in the suburbs should not be a handicap but a strength, if not a motivation, to move forward, change the course of things and make a better life. At the suburban level, we have clear examples of success in all areas and, like us, have started from scratch. The suburb is before a school, a way of life, an incarnation. The suburb is a school of life. I believe in youth. I support youth wherever it may be because it is the future. It must therefore be able to meet the challenges that will come before it. Long live the youth wherever she is especially from Pikine where I come from!

You can listen to the two singles on this video:


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