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BENIN: Kémi Séba responds to Egountchi Behanzin through a video

Kémi Séba

Beninese pan-Africanist activist Kémi Séba posted a video on September 28 in his social networks, a video response to Ogounchi Behanzin, who heads the Black African Defense League (LDNA). “Kémi Séba decrypts the discredit campaign against him organized by Egountchi and the other manipulated” is the title of the video which lasts 1 hour, 8 minutes and 34 seconds.

From Fred Hampton to Malsom X facing his detractors like James Shabaz and Jone Ali, from Stockely Carmichael, historic leader of the diasporic and continental black cause, historic leader of the Black Panther Party who was the most influential black leader in the late sixties , described by John Edgar Hoover, former director of the FBI as a threat because he had the capacity to reach the masses of the people. The activist Kémi Séba has done a complete decryption to explain and express his views against Ogounchi Behanzin. According to him, throughout the history of the Pan-African struggles, internal jealousies have been created by the opposing camp to destabilize the leaders and question their leadership position. “For the Western ecology a black leader is a danger when he has the capacity to reach the masses,” he says, paraphrasing the American philosopher Will Durant.

After an enumeration of all the African-American leaders assassinated because of the frustration of a third party who is sometimes close or who belongs to the community, it is the leaders of the assassinated continent who were also listed: Patrice Lumumba against Mobutu Sese Seko then Moïse Tshombé, a conflict that culminated in a civil war in the Congo. In Burkina Faso, Thomas Sankara facing Blaise Compaoré, among other stories as well incredible as burlesque.

Some excerpts from the video:
“Peace be with you… This is the first time in my life that I make a video to respond to slander, but I do it not to respond to slanderers, but to educate the population about the strategies of the enemy. “

“At all times, as soon as a leader or a black leader emerges, the West when it does not have the capacity to beat him on the ground of the arguments, tries to discredit him by using the jealousy which exists in the within the community, frustration of people who would like to unite as much as the emerging leader and hostility because our people were so alienated, our ego was so destroyed that as soon as one of us emerges there are always people trying to drag the person down. that’s always been how the Western oligarchy worked. The story with Malcom X is that. When Malcom X emerges, we say why is he the one in front of the media? Why is he the one who always has the microphones? Why is he the one talking to the masses? He is no better than us! Why is it him and not us? He’s a dictator! Why doesn’t he let others have their say? Looks like he wants to run everything in the Organization. And it is this climate which contributed, thereafter, to ensure that he was always assassinated in the capacity to manipulate of the Western oligarchy which afterwards, tells you, you see, it is the blacks who kill each other, black people are fighting. ”

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“The Western Oligarchy uses the most out of line, the most unbalanced, the most frustrated people to destabilize the dark cause and the most influential leaders. Remember that because it is history that keeps repeating itself. “

“I assume that every human being has to be educated. When I say training, it’s not just going to college or school, but picking up books and reading, getting plenty of information, not just staying on google quotes sites etc. I have spent my life studying. The Kemi Sheba that I am is not the same Kemi Sheba that I was 20, 25 or even 30 years ago. “

“If you say ‘Black Power’ you scream, you put on a beret, just because you say that doesn’t mean you are disturbing the Western oligarchy. As long as you don’t bring anyone together, you won’t disturb anyone. It’s when you start to put the masses together that you become a problem. “

“Back to the slanderers in question. There is a certain Sylvain Afoua who took the name of GUCCI, who took the name of our king Behanzin, peace to his soul, may the king be preserved from this character of whom I am going to speak, who for three years, with d others, dates on which our fight took on a historic scale against French neocolonialism. For three years there has been an increase in slander and slanderous propaganda and you will notice that I never responded. “

“This is an individual who was arrested for rape of a disabled woman. This is the psychological profile of this person who was incarcerated in France who had a life of a fallen rapper. “

“I never spoke about you, never, in contrary you.”

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