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[MUSIC-IN] – Blick Bassy and Trio SR9: A hell of a remix

Blick Bassy @Facebook page of Blick Bassy

While I was spending my working time searching for Western chancelleries to compete with patriotic cuculs against Tsarist Putin, I received a shrill notification from WFP, Pan African Music, an online music magazine: the trio SR9, a group of musicians, and the Cameroonian singer Blick Bassy perform brilliantly the hit “One Lady Times”, 2015 by Ariana Grande. That arouses my curiosity. I’m running to see what this is all about. On YouTube, of course. I shouldn’t have.

A resumption to cut you connections between synapses
First reading. Sensation of apnea. I had the breath taken. I wondered: who is this funny zozo who dared to say that music softens life? He forgot to tell us, in apostille, that she also burned the neurons. My first impression, to use a word, of an epithet, was appalling. A real cacophony of doormen on ecstasy. That this band of box openers are undisputed masters in musical art, allow me to doubt it. It is not that I want to profane this noble art, but this quartet of concertants made a sound worthy of an amateur orchestra. A terrible discordance to break your eardrums. Pure and simple cacophony. A deluge of scales and floutines, one faster than the other. D’s and F’s that get caught, nervous in a fight to the death. What do they have to tinker with this excellent tube? What a waste! But as I listened to the movement of the piece, the fat in my ears melted like shea in the sun. It was my ears that were out of tune.

“One Last Times”: a remix that takes your breath away
Change of perspective. New opinion, like a politician without personality. I flip my jacket, and without shame, I say it firmly: it is certainly one of the best covers that one could make of a song so successful: this combination of instruments and this unique voice that gives a new and charming sound to this tube that had been for a long time champion of the hit-parades. This tube of Ariana Grande, with multiple distinctions, has obviously not finished its glorious ride. Every time we thought he was plummeting in the charts, he found an artist to tow him. After Kendji Girac, it’s the SR9 trio and the tonic Blick Bassy.

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Blick Bassy “The” artist…
Undoubtedly, Blick Bassy is the right artist for the remix of this single by Ariana Grande. We have the feeling that this single, sung in Bassa by Bassy, was written for him. The trio SR9 had a hollow nose. Endowed with a charming physique and a vibrant and heartbreaking voice, Blick Bassy stands out above all for the brilliance and magnificence of his vocalization. But, he slaps us on the system to always start his concerts with this slightly revolutionary speech of this Cameroonian independence fallen into oblivion: Ruben Um Nyobe. After slapping the parental prophecy, to throw himself into the arms of the music, his father, believing him possessed, sent him to exorcists. In vain. He was right, the father: music is a violent passion and those who practice it look like real lunatics.


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