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BURKINA FASO – Citizen Balai movement leader arrested


On Monday, September 5, 2022, one of the members of the movements: Balai citoyen and Mobilisation des Intelligences pour le Fasa (M.I.Fa), Ollo Mathias Kambou aka Kamao, was arrested by gendarmes after a television show on Burkina Faso’s Omega radio. He would have had strong words against the president of the transition. The two movements to which Kamao belongs, demand his immediate release. Following a demonstration on September 6, we almost had the worst.

This Tuesday, September 6, 2022, in Ouagadougou, a few hours after the arrest of their activist, the two movements, Balai citizen and MIFa, reacted vigorously to the arrest of their activist. It was Smockey, who, on his Facebook page, opened hostilities. The rapper turned into a committed activist first launched himself into an exercise of which he alone to the secret. He was not gentle with the head of transition regarding the arrest of Ollo Mathias Kambou: “[.. ] Merchants of illusions and other opponents of opinions contrary to that of the king of the moment.” After his vindication against the regime, it was the MIFa’s turn to indicate that he would hold: “the perpetrators of this arrest responsible for what could harm the physical and moral integrity of his activist.”

Invited by Omega TV to give his opinion on the speech delivered on September 4, 2022 by Lieutenant-Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo DAMIBA, Ollo descended the junta with well-calibrated remarks. It sounded like a bomb. In summary, Kamao found that the record of the ruling Patriotic Movement for Protection and Restoration (MPSR) did not live up to the expectations of the population. Growling in the big mute. On the way home, he was kidnapped by men in plain clothes and led to the gendarmerie. The Balai Citoyen movement, through Zinaba Rasmané, has been criticized: “These kinds of cavalier arrests are not due to self-respecting republics (…) We are inclined to think that this is a way to break the pace of mobilization today of the popular masses in relation to everything we see in terms of failures in the governance.” Should we expect a general mobilization like the one that took away Blaise Compaoré in 2014?

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This Tuesday, September 07, 2022, the Balai movement called for a demonstration for the release of the imprisoned comrade. A handful of demonstrators took to the streets. But at the site of the demonstration another group was waiting for them. The tension was noticeable. The risk of a big skirmish. Individuals claiming to be from the “Save Burkina” movement were also there for a counter-demonstration. It must be said that the current regime also has its fans. Invectives, insults, throwing stones… All of this seems to have happened before the eyes of law enforcement. None of them deigned to lift their thumbs. If nothing is done, these waves of mobilization risk inflaming the socio-political tensions already at their peak. All this is taking place while Lieutenant-Colonel Damiba has been in Abidjan since Monday, September 5, 2022.


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