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CAMEROON – €20 billion to restore much of the forest 


The National Forest Plantation Development Programme (PNDF) aims to ensure the production of the 2.5 million m3 of wood that Cameroon puts on the market each year. To achieve this objective, an estimated global financing of €20 million, or FCFA 12,893 billion, is needed to restore 12 million hectares of forest over the 22 million that cover 46% of Cameroon’s territory. A major long-term project that will benefit from the support of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Restoring much of the forest damaged by deforestation and infrastructure construction, and establishing a timber industry, is the objective of the PNDF in Cameroon which officially launched activities on 23 July 2021.A CFAF 12.893 billion worth of funding is needed to restore more than half of the forest in order to plant trees whose timber can be exported. “Eventually, it will be a question of allowing the country to replace its supply of wood made up almost of natural forest wood with a wood of planted forests”, said Anicet Ngomin, the director of forests, quoted by StopBlaBlaCam.

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The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) welcomed Cameroon’s commitment to conserve the forest potential needed to preserve wildlife and fight pollution. “Cameroon’s commitment […] will help to create sustainable livelihoods for people dependent on forests, to protect the country’s exceptional wealth of wildlife, reducing carbon emissions and moving towards the Sustainable Development Goals. ‘ said Inger Andersen, Director-General of IUCN.

It has also magnified the efforts being made in Africa to restore forests that are often victims of deforestation or construction of development infrastructure or agro-industries.”There is currently a very strong momentum in Africa, exceeding all expectations, in favour of forest restoration, and IUCN is keen to cooperate with Cameroon and other countries in the region to implement their commitments. ‘ ,” she added.


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