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IVORY COAST: BJKD Award Winners for Young Entrepreneurship Known.


The BJKD prize for young entrepreneurship was launched on 02 September 2017, with more than 847 participants at the start. 10 entrepreneurs were selected after a preselection, for the final held this Saturday, February 10 at the House of Chefs de companies, in Abidjan. The winners of this competition which aims to provide a technical and financial boost to entrepreneurs are now known.

The BJKD Prize for Young Entrepreneurship is a prize awarded after the selection by competition of the best development projects presented by young entrepreneurs, inventors or researchers. A ceremony was held this Saturday morning at the Entrepreneurs’ House in Abidjan to designate the winners. These are: Kouakou Silvere from Green Countries (Valorisation of household waste for the production of organic fertilizer); Arman Narcissus from Vivo Plants (Plantain Seed Production); Bénédicte Deborah N’cho from DEB’N’JO (Shoe production); Yvan Patrick Akré of Instant Chocolat (Chocolate production) and Kouassi Andrée – B.E.H (Sale of water point detection application and drilling). They earn respectively 10, 7, 5, 3 and 2 000 000 CFA francs, as well as laptops among others. They will also benefit from technical support during the coming months.

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Note that the initiator and organizer of the BJKD prize, Bénédicte Janine Kacou DIAGOU is the Managing Director of the NSIA GROUP, the leading African financial group of reference. Passionate about art and finance, she is in the ranking of TOP 100 leaders of Africa of Tomorrow, the prestigious Institut Choiseul. A meritorious officer of the national order in Côte d’Ivoire, she is part of this new generation of Afro-optimists who believe that the success of Africa will come through its enterprising youth.


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