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IVORY COAST: 9 weeks and rumors later, Soro Guillaume returns Saturday.

Soro Guillaume

Diawara Mamadou, deputy speaker of the National Assembly, informs the deputies that Guillaume Soro will return to Abidjan on Saturday 21 October 2017, by regular flight. This is essentially what we can read in a statement signed by the Vice-President of the National Assembly.

So, Soro Guillaume will be tomorrow Saturday on the banks of the lagoon Ebrié after nearly 9 weeks of absence. He was in Morocco, Luxembourg, and finally in Russia to take part in the 137th session of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU).

The deputy (and chairman of the FPI, main opposition party) Affi N’guessan, considered this absence “worrying. ”

It must be said that many rumors had circulated following this long absence. Some had not hesitated to speak of forced exile … These rumors had been prompted by two major facts. First, the fact that the president of the National Assembly boycotted the 3rd Congress of the RDR (ruling party) of which he is a member.

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Then the arrest of his chief of protocol, Kamaraté Souleymane Soul to Soul, who is currently detained at the Abidjan Prison and Correctional Center. He was arrested after the discovery last May of a cache of weapons, at his home in Bouake, during a mutiny.

Is the rupture definitively consummated between Soro and Ouattara, as do not hesitate to affirm a good part of the Ivorian press? Wait and see. We will certainly know more tomorrow Saturday.


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