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POGBA’S MOTHER: She publishes her autobiography and confides in the case that “breaks her heart”

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Yeo Moriba, the mother of the Pogba brothers, tells his story in an autobiography “And in the end, we win” published by Fayard. In the epilogue, she evokes the case that has divided her family since the end of the summer and believes that Mathias Pogba fell into “a trap”. He was manipulated, robbed by people who were close to us. We felt betrayed,’ she noted.

The mother of the Pogba brothers, Yeo Moriba, tells her story in an autobiography, without evading the affair between Paul and Mathias, which “breaks her heart,” she tells AFP. We had to convince her. “I was told to add it, at first I didn’t want it, it was difficult, and then the book was already done. But this episode happened… it’s very difficult to talk about it,” she sighs.

She eventually agreed to add an epilogue in “And in the end, we win” (Fayard), published on Wednesday, where she evokes these accusations that led one of her twins, Mathias, to prison, for suspicions of gang extortion against the grandbrother, Paul. According to Yeo (52), in these blackmail cases, the elder fell into “a trap, he was manipulated, robbed by people who were close to us. We felt betrayed,” she sighed. “They’re big, big sharks,” fanned by “extreme jealousy,” she said. But she especially wanted to talk about something else in her biography, an idea pushed by her sons (there is also Florentin, Mathias’ twin), and especially about football.

Yeo Moriba describes “a family bound by the same adoration, that of the round ball, to which we owe so much”. In a scene in the book, written with journalist Clémence De Blasi, she bluffs her boys by showing them that she is touching the ball perfectly. When I told them that I played football, they said, ‘What do you mean?’. But of course I played football,” she laughs, “I was captain of my team, at the time it was the first time that girls played (in Guinea)It impressed them, it’s a very good memory. I often played with them” at Roissy-en-Brie, where they grew up.

Her story is similar to that of other women who came to France from Africa, like her at 19, to marry the father of the children, Antoine, an electronics teacher, in her fifties at the time. The mother of the Pogba, who also adopted two of her nieces, wanted this work to “convey a message: we women must fight, not be discouraged because you no longer have the husband” in support. She divorced Florentin’s father, Mathias and Paul, who died in 2017.

Her story remains “positive, we must not be alarmed, we must be courageous. If you lose courage, you can do nothing,” she comments. When she talks about odd jobs, Yeo doesn’t insist on hard times either. Cashier, maid, “maid too”, she adds, “it was the weekend, on the side of Pontault (-Combault), and on the weekend there were no buses, or a very long waiting time, so I walked”. I had to work to take care of my children, I had no other solution,’ she said, spreading her arms.

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She finally found a place she liked, in an institute for disabled people, but “I didn’t stay because I had to go to see Paul from time to time, he had already gone to Manchester (United, his club in England), I asked permission. Eventually I was forced to resign”. Yeo does not dwell on racism. We have to accept it, we felt a bit of racism, for some jobs, we saw that preference was given to native French rather than immigrants,’ she said. The children, however, did not suffer, “I don’t think so,” she recalls.

The pinnacle remains the title of world champion in 2018, which she celebrates on the lawn, a golden trophy in hand, a bandeau photo on the book. We didn’t feel the rain so much happiness was there,’ she said, a spark in the eyes. With this great memory in mind, she wants to do justice to her “two sons”, insists Yeo. “The Pogba clan will always be there, she concludes, firm. It will always work out, it is the family, they are brothers of milk, they will always hold hands”.
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