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MAURITANIA: A blogger escapes the death penalty.

Photo : Mauritanieweb

A big sigh of relief for the Mauritanian Sheikh Ould Mohamed Ould Mkhaïtir (or even) Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mohamed. Indeed, for the blogger, it’s the end of four years of judicial nightmare. He came out of court on Thursday, November 9th.

The young man had previously been sentenced to death in December 2014 for “speaking lightly” of the Prophet, and for heresy. That, for having published an article denouncing the use of the religion to justify certain discriminations in the Mauritanian society, in particular those of which the smiths are victims.

Taking into account the repentance of the accused, the court annulled the death sentence pronounced in first instance and reclassified the facts of “apostasy” as “disbelief”. The court reduced his sentence yesterday to 2 years in prison (sentence already served). Mohamed Cheikh Ould Mohamed is free now.

The day before, however, the public prosecutor had again demanded the death penalty against him.


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