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PEOPLE – Rihanna shows her baby bump!

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The weeks pass. The rumour goes out. And the sceptics, defeated, begin to change their tune. The overweight of our beloved Rihanna is not just due to her eating habits. A theory – not so smoky of it – becomes clear: it would be a cigarette. For those who had believed in a staging or a plan, they still have a few weeks to change their mind, before the baby is born. From this pregnancy, the superstar has swollen ankles, metaphorically. I wanted to clarify that. I’m not her gynecologist. That goes without saying.

Google «Rihanna» and you’ll do what the search engine will spit in your face: a considerable result associated with the superstar Rihanna. That goes without saying. But curiously enough, we’re not talking about his personal fortune, his albums, his cosmetics, his romantic escapades. No. We see her in panties, in a nightie, with a nicely rounded belly. She is pregnant! A question arises: What will be the sex of the divine child? The great enigma! We will have to wait a few more weeks for the end word.

To speak as a musical critic a little too conciliatory, I would say that Rihanna lent his talent, his musical genius to the music and in return, today, the music the halo of his notes of glory. In addition to being a superstar and a great businesswoman, she not only has the dog, but she also has the teeth. Her success is immense. There are millions of fans, likers, followers who take his songs and beauty products and try to reproduce his every move.

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It all begins – officially – in February 2022 when she announced she was pregnant. No big surprise, since – unofficially – the paparazzi had been warning us since early December 2021. She got knocked up by rapper A$ap Rocky: a guy who has already had a lot of trouble with the American justice system. At the time I am writing this paper, it is under legal proceedings, but this is not the subject of our article. And since then, his baby-bump has been a rage on the web. And to tell you the truth, this exhibition is starting to revolt me, even though its fans claim that its belly fits perfectly to its size. At the right time!

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A generational exhibitionism
Personally, the manias of the stars make me crack my thong. Rihanna does not escape this rule. There is, on the other hand, one thing that fascinates me about her: she doesn’t care what others think of her, like her last dress for the 2022 Oscars. I’m not a sociologist. But Rihanna’s attitude puts our values to the test. It’s true that she is not a pioneer in this field. Before her, there were stars like Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Monica Bellucci. But showing a bouncing belly outside seemed outrageous. Today, and maybe, because it’s Rihanna, we’re happy to live with it. What I believe: the act of Rihanna allowed us to have a broader vision of the world.

Can’t wait to send my congratulations to the future mom, too fashionable!

Rihanna @Page Facebook Rihanna

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