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SENEGAL – Captain Seydina Oumar Touré can no longer endure “slander”

Seydina Oumar Touré

It is on her Facebook page that Seydina Oumar Touré came out of her reservation this Thursday, July 15, 2021 to denounce the slander and false testimonies on her person.After his disbarment from the ranks of the National Gendarmerie, the former number 2 of the Colobane research section had decided to turn the page and focus on his future. But faced with the multiple exits on his case, he decided to respond to his detractors.

Seydina Oumar Touré revealed herself to the general public during the events of socio-political unrest in March 2021 in Senegal following the accusation of rape of masseur Adji Sarr on the opponent Ousmane Sonko.Within the search section, the master was in charge of the investigation. After discovering inconsistencies in the hearings, handling this case and fearing for his own life, he made the decision to resign. His resignation was a bomb within the national gendarmerie and in this political and judicial case.

However, after his resignation on March 7, 2021, and his revelations deemed not consistent with the texts of the gendarmerie, Captain Oumar Touré was sanctioned. After his release, the gendarmerie issued a communiqué to remind Captain Touré to order and to comply with the standards of the proceedings. He was disbarred from the Senegalese National Gendarmerie on Wednesday 07 July 2021 by decree no. 2021 – 830 of 17 June 2021.  Today, Seydina Oumar Touré says she is saddened by the irresponsible attitude of some journalists and other political actors who are attacking her person including Mame Mbaye Niang close to the presidential mobility.

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Tired of slander and unable to remain silent at the moment when people are telling untruths about her person, Seydina Oumar Touré made a post on his Facebook page to clarify things.

Every time I decide to put my pen away and put myself in the shadows, some people find it very inappropriate to provoke me with slander that is difficult to digest. I can understand Mr. Mame Mbaye Niang, a politician, making unfounded accusations against me because I consider him to be in his role. But when a person who claims to be a journalist dares to speak out against a citizen who has no basis, one can legitimately doubt his morality and impartiality. Instead of a lawsuit, I think it’s best to help you understand your job. That is why I recommend that you go and read the Declaration of the Duties and Rights of Journalists, still called the Munich Charter of 1971 (focusing on paragraphs 1 and 9 of the second part entitled “Declaration of duties”, Seydina Oumar Touré posted on his page.


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