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SENEGAL: Activist Guy Marius Sagna is arrested.


The reminder to God of Ousmane Tanor Dieng President of the HCCT (High Council of Territorial Communities) in Bordeaux in France on July 15, 2019, a death occurred outside the country for health reasons, raised the debate on the failure of our leaders in health policy.

Indeed, according to the Senegalese activist Guy Marius Sagna, founding member of the movement “FRAPP-FRANCE DÉGAGE”, it is inconceivable that after 59 years of independence that Senegal can not be equipped with hospital structures worthy of the name. After so many years of socio-economic influence and strengthening of democracy, the country faces a lack of health infrastructure that obliges our political elite to regularly travel to France for medical care. Through a post on his Facebook page that Guy Marius Sagna is sorry for the conditions in which the Senegalese people are left stranded. The population is facing a glaring lack of medical facilities that can take care of their health needs.

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Because of this post on his Facebook page the activist was immediately arrested and heard by the men of the Gendarmerie’s Brigade Research Section. Guy Marius Sagna will be presented to the Prosecutor of the Republic this Wednesday, July 17, 2019.

However, it is worth recalling that Guy Marius Sagna did not fail to mention the similar case of Mouhammad Boun Abdallah Dione, Minister of State and Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic, currently hospitalized also in France.

The FRAPP movement (Front for a Popular Anti-imperialist Revolution and Panafrican) FRANCE DÉGAGE evokes an intimidation and categorically denounces the persecution against their comrade Guy Marius Sagna. He demands the release of their leader, and without conditions as soon as possible.


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