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SENEGAL: Dawda Faye signs with her single “Anymore”


It was on Friday October 9, 2020 that Senegalese-born artist Dawda Faye by her stage name D-Faye released her first single titled “Anymore” in Dallas, USA, the country of her birth.

This single “Anymore” is part of his musical project “D-Vibes”. Different themes were discussed in this song including success, perseverance, determination and righteousness. D-Faye also wanted through this title to talk about his ambitions of wanting to achieve his dreams in life. His message: to be persevering and tenacious whatever the obstacles.

A young artist who almost like a shining star who, through his vibration and his flows, already shows that he will count on the international pop scene. The color is already announced. Case to be continued.

Watch the official video for the single “Anymore” here:


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