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SENEGAL – SenTv’s scathing response to CNRA


The general management of SenTv was quick to send its response to the National Audiovisual Regulatory Council (CNRA) following its press release of March 3, 2021. Accused of inciting the Senegalese to revolt and insurrection , SenTv denounces a vain and vicious attempt to intimidate their work, which always remains within a professional and objective framework. Here is the full response of the general management of SenTv to the accusations made by the CNRA.

Our freedom depends on the freedom of the press, and it cannot be limited without being lost ”. It was over two centuries ago when Thomas Jefferson, President of the United States of America made such statements. Since then, how many paths have been covered. Since our accession to international sovereignty, sacrifices have been made by men and women who have actively participated in consolidating democratic gains by relying on the role played by the media. A role of information, education, awareness raising … From this point of view, it is clear that the Senegalese media are aware of their mission. As for the private television station Sen Tv, in the name of responsibility and measure, in the name of strict ethics and professional conduct, it only gives the right information and only the right information. Also, it is in the name of this fair and verified information that the private television channel Sen Tv, given the events, as is the case on March 3, 2021, organized a special edition devoted to the summons of Mr. Ousmane Sonko by the judge. So, is it forbidden to give information to the Senegalese people? Is it prohibited to responsibly distribute images in the field? Is it also forbidden to invite politicians to speak alongside information and communication professionals? The questions are relevant and legitimate insofar as the National Audiovisual Regulatory Council (CNRA) cannot be intimidated by the constant work carried out by a television channel in the name of freedom of information. Worse, when the regulator talks about a “call for insurgency” (see capture), when is that? Especially since the person pointed out, called for citizen and republican resistance. Words have their meaning, but the real evils emanate from an organ which gives the impression of seeking the little beast to an organ strongly anchored in the responsibility for its professional, purely professional actions. And, only in the name of responsibility.
Dakar, March 03, 2021
The General Management of Sen Tv Sa


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