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SENEGAL – Super Black Tiger Demba Seck put down Stephen De La Rey

Demba Guèye ©Page Facebook Demba Guèye

If I had known, I would have sacrificed a few minutes of my sleep in order to witness this fight. The news spread like wildfire on the canvas. Demba Seck, aka Black Tiger, made the favorite, De la Rey, only a mouthful. Yet his skin was cheap. This Thursday, August 11, 2022, around 8:30 AM at the EFC Performance Institute in Johannesburg, South Africa, “DQ” (blue gloves) and “Black Tiger” (black gloves) delivered a great performance for the battle for the flyweight title.

At the rendezvous, there were “pound and ground”, “slam” and “kimura”. A man who changes his technique according to the boxer he has opposite, is definitely a champion. The organizers made the mistake of pitting a talented and experienced boxer against a young lion for whom fighting – boxing – is a vital need. It will never happen again. The game was bloody. One almost lost an eye.

Demba, whose physical condition is extraordinary, has led the fight from start to finish. From the first round, he plays everything. he sacrifices defence in favour of attack. He does not shy away from battle. He strikes hard, certainly very violently. His opponent only (defends) himself. Elbows, fists, feet rain. Other facts that militate in favor of Demba: his breath, his speed of legs, his flexibility, his speed of execution, in a word, a faster move in the ring. Throughout the rounds, Demba accentuates his advantage. If we had hoped for a masterful knockout in the second round, the fight ends with a victory in points in the third round.

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For a fight that seemed to be a foregone conclusion, the outcome surprised all the bookmakers. Everyone expected South African Stephan De la Rey to kick Black Tiger. All the journalists were of the opinion that this was a risky bet for the Senegalese. Demba Seck (77kg), aka Black Tiger, tore it up. However, bookies did not give it a favorite. To the general surprise, he flanked the course of the century to South African Stephan De la Rey. “DQ”, despite his pugilistic science, lost – to points. After three long rounds, the Senegalese folded the game.

Demba Guèye ©Page Facebook Demba Guèye

Stephan De la Rey was beaten on the points by Demba Seck. The ardor of the young Senegalese got the better of the science of boxing. It didn’t take him long to get into the game. He didn’t wait to study his opponent’s game. From the first quarter of an hour, he rushed, like a furious lion, into the arena and began to distribute shots in series. So he takes a serious ascendant Stephan De la Rey. His technique – a bit disordered – has allowed him to muddy his opponent’s game.


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