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SENEGAL – The municipality of Payar chooses Assane Dione for the municipal elections under the colours of the Pastef-Les patriotes party

Assane Dione

Who is Assane Dione. Assane Dione is a young pan-African activist born on January 03, 1994 in Darou Salam in the commune of payar, department of Koumpentoum, region of Tambacounda. After primary school in elementary school, he continued his medium studies at the CEM of Koumpentoum before obtaining his baccalaureate in 2013 at the El Hadj Bouna Semou Niang High School. After extensive studies at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar, he trained in computer science and is currently a journalist-editor-reporter at a bilingual pan-African website. 

Assane Dione was President of the Departmental Union of Students of Koumpentoum (UDEEK) from 2016 to 2018 and Secretary General of the Municipal Union of Students of Payar (UCEEP) from 2016 to 2018. He is the assistant secretary of FRAPP NIANI-BAMBOUCK (Koumpentoum-kounguel) and a member of the Africa first movement where he is in charge of the School of the movement. A Pan-Africanist who is convinced and passionate about the invigoration of African history and the popularization of the various Pan-African leaders who marked their time. The young politician defines himself as a worthy heir of Malcolm X or Thomas Sankara who are his two main thinkers. 

Payar is a municipality located in the department of Koumpentoum and in the region of Tambacounda in Senegal. Payar is also the centre of Senegal. Payar is home to one of the largest markets in the country, held every Thursday. This market welcomes hundreds or even thousands of people from all over Senegal and the sub-region. Despite this strategic position, Payar has no roads and the market is without construction. 

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Assane Dione welcomed the choice of his person with modesty and took the opportunity to appeal to all the patriots of Payar. “Alhamdoulilah PASTEF PAYAR chose my modest person to be the candidate of Pastef for the municipal elections. I make a solemn appeal to all the patriots of the commune to unite around the essential for an overwhelming victory of Pastef with the sole objective: a radical change of our dear locality. TOGETHER WE WILL DEFEAT INCHALLAH,” the pan-Africanist activist said on his Facebook page.

The politician also declined his goals and ambitions. “With our team we will meet with the people of Payar to present our project and especially our program. We want a revolutionary change in our community. It will be a question of putting forward a hard work with honest and qualified men in all areas. Help the people of Pays in the field of health, education, access to water… Our goal is to do politics differently. A policy based on pan-Africanism, in other words a policy based on the values of Africa. Make PAYAR one of the best communities in Senegal in terms of infrastructure development. Work with the people and for the people.” said Assane Dione.


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