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GABON: Ali Bongo’s party largely holds the majority in both the Senate and the Assembly

Ali Bongo Ondimba @7joursinfo

According to the Gabonese Elections Center (CGE), the Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG) of the President of the Republic, Ali Bongo Ondimba, leads the senatorial elections on Saturday January 30, 2021 and manages to win 45 of the 52 seats that were at stake. This score thus guarantees the Gabonese head of state an overwhelming majority in the upper chamber of Parliament. The results of the second round in Malinga and Bitam are expected in the coming days as well as the appointment of 15 senators by the Head of State.

The Gabonese Senate is made up of 67 parliamentarians, including 52 elected for six years and 15 appointed by the President of the Republic. This large victory for the CEO in the senatorial elections seemed predictable as the ruling party was the only one in contention in 22 of the 52 constituencies.

In addition, in October 2018, part of the opposition boycotted the local elections which had led to the election of municipal and departmental councilors. It is these great voters who are, in turn, responsible for electing senators by indirect universal suffrage.

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The CEO, who has led the most for 52 years, is logically in the majority in both the Senate and the National Assembly, which undoubtedly gives Ali Bongo additional decision-making power. The latter will have to appoint the President of the Senate whose power to replace the Head of State in the event of unavailability has been modified in the revision of the Constitution made on December 29, 2020. Indeed, from now on, the vacancy of power will be ensured. by the presidents of the two chambers of Parliament and the Minister of Defense.


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