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FOOTBALL – Senegalese international Amath Ndiaye Diedhiou receives a penalty by supporting “Free Senegal”

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Amath Ndiaye Diedhiou is the name of the Senegalese player of the RCD Mallorca, sanctioned for having brandished the slogan “Free Senegal” as a celebration of his goal scored on Sunday, April 11, 2021, on the sidelines of the 28th day of championship of the second Spanish division. Initially subject to a penalty by the competition committee for cardboard accumulation, Amath Ndiaye may receive another yellow card in addition to a financial fine, according to the FIFA regulations, in force since 2014.

The Senegalese player of the second division, Amath Ndiaye, was sanctioned by FIFA following the celebration of his goal against the Cartagena at Son Moix. Indeed, after this achievement, Amath Ndiaye lifted his jersey and wore a t-shirt where he is inscribed “Free Senegal” (free Senegal). A gesture that the referee didn’t really pay attention to during the whole match. It was after the meeting that the Video Assistance to Arbitration (VAR) reported this act sanctioned by FIFA since 2014. “player Amath Ndiaye Diedhiou, after scoring the goal in the 44th minute, showed a white jersey on which one could read: FREE SENEGAL”, specified the VAR in its “other incidents”. 

To justify this message, the attacker of the RCD Mallorca said he just wanted to show his solidarity with the Senegalese people who experienced unprecedented riots during the month of March 2021. Demonstrations that had been planned following a complaint for rape and death threats of a masseuse on behalf of Adji Sarr against the leader of the Pastef-Les Patriotes Ousmane Sonko.

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It is a moment that Senegal is going through with difficulty. What we want is peace and it was to show my support,” said the player after the penalty.The top scorer of the RCD mallorca was keen to make a clarification to show his good faith. “It was not my bad intention to put something political, I am not in politics, just to defend peace in Senegal for all of us who have family and to help,” he says.

However, FIFA remains uncompromising.Since 2014, it prohibits any form of messages expressed by the player on the playing field, an act punishable by a yellow card and a financial fine. Amath Ndiaye, author of 9 goals in 25 games, is a victim of this rule with which the institution in charge of world football does not joke.


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