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JAMAICS: Usain Bolt in bronze only!

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The king of the field finished third in the last 100 meters Saturday, July 5 at the World Championships in London.

The Jamaican was beaten by the Americans Christian Coleman and Justin Gatin, it arrived in third position.

For the last 100 meters of his sports career, before the relay 4x100m next weekend, Usain Bolt did not manage to retain his world title, closing the second day of the Championships.

However, Justin Gatlin’s gold medal is a big surprise. 35 years, the Americian spinteur was banned from athletics for four years for doping between 2006 and 2010. Thus Thirteen years after his Olympic title in Athens, twelve years after his world title in Helsinki 100m, the ghost handed cutlery gold. Here he is again the fastest man in the world.

Eventually Usain beat Bolt. The result of this 100 meter resonates like a thunderclap in the eyes of fans of “The lightning” as it is nicknamed but also in his games where he was favorite. “My body tells me it’s over, my legs are burning, it’s the first time I run and my legs hurt, it’s time to go,” 100 meters (9’58).

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