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CAMEROON: An application to irrigate his fields.


This technological advance is the work of Eric Gyslain tiam Dzembouong. Electrical engineering engineer and expert in renewable energy, Eric developed the Agropad application that allows farmers to irrigate their fields remotely by a simple text message.

At the end of his training in renewable energy in Seoul, South Korea, Eric Gyslain Tiam Dzembouong decided to return to his country of origin Cameroon. He had the idea of ​​creating the conditions that would irrigate the fields in his area without much physical effort.

That’s how Agropad was born. This application reduces the daily efforts that farmers face. The operation of his invention is simple. Agropad, once installed in a plantation, allows farmers to control the irrigation system from the mobile phone, through a mobile application and SMS.

However, Agropad, despite its effectiveness in supporting farmers, does not yet attract investors. The latter, like an NGO called Venture Capital Outlierz Ventures created in 2017 to invest in startups may eventually help this type of project for its popularization throughout the territory.


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