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CHAD – Topissime! Lyguy’s video “God does not sleep” breaks the record of view

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In a country where a music video rarely crosses the thousand views on streaming platforms, Lyguy’s latest music video, “God does not sleep” (there) is seen as a feat. He gives insomnia to his competitors, with (hold on!) a million views. Hell, it’s not a big crowd! Don’t stop! The young rapper is all fire, all flame.

In Chad, it’s the “phenomenon” video of the moment on Youtube and TikTok. Never had musical sound been so pleasant to the ears of the Chadian youth! For a layman like me, the title (God does not sleep) made me smile. The record of views (1million), too. For a clip, posted online, since June 20, 2022, there is nothing to laugh in the artist’s face. But, you have to remain professional: I’ll just laugh under the heading. Some serene notes on this clip that makes the youth of Chad dance.

“God does not sleep”, a very ordinary clip
The music begins with scattered, devilishly disjointed notes, but which very quickly cling to a divine thread of Ariadne: God; the supreme reel «You do things, you say to yourself: well… You are discouraged. Then you fight but you do not succeed. But in any case God knows this moment and he will react in your life. For a singer, for a musician… it’s about giving strength to youth… it is to try to convey a message of peace, a lot of hope, a lot of self-confidence, a lot of love. This is what makes man grow.» Simplicity! It must be the recipe for this half-fig, half-grape success. In this clip with suburban decor – a shop, a hairdressing salon, a ironwork,… A music with jerky sonorities. And the characteristic afrobeat style of sub-Saharan rappers. A stubborn refrain that keeps coming back. – Lyguy raises awareness of the importance of living together and the need to have a peaceful political climate, which is the only guarantee for the development of African countries.

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Lyguy, the incredible rise in power
Lyguy, aka Aldom Guy, was born in 1985 in Yaoundé, the Cameroonian capital. This young singer soon established himself in the world of Chadian rap as a must-see satellite. There is no doubt that he is talented and talented. We will not call him a prodigy, but an artist with great potential. This rapper, who began by interpreting the sounds of other Chadian singers during school and cultural evenings, is at a turning point in his career. It now crystallizes the hopes of a Chadian youth who is beginning to lose hope and for whom immigration becomes as the only way to get out of the ambient misery that overshadows the country. Lyguy, unbelievably, doesn’t have a producer. He works his way alone, with his meagre means. I can’t wait for this clip, which upsets the Chadian music industry, to attract great patrons of culture.

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To celebrate this million views, something that will remain for a long time in the annals of Chadian music, the artist plans to organize a giant concert in Ndjamena. This will be an opportunity for him to thank his growing number of fans. Let’s hope he breaks yet another record! Why not the number of spectators?


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