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FIFA – Congolese club sanctioned in the matter of the transfer of Rocky Tulenge Sindani

Rocky Tulenge Sindani @Mapy Manueno

The penalty for the AS Vita Club fell on Thursday 10 June 2021. The Dispute Resolution Chamber of the World Football Governing Body required the Congolese club to pay an estimated fine of 82,000 euros. The dispute in question concerns the transfer of player Rocky Tulenge Sindani from the Moroccan club Difaa El Jadida to his Congolese rival, the AS Vita Club. The Congolese formation did not fully fulfil the conditions related to the transfer of the midfielder in 2019.

FIFA sanctioned the Congolese club As Vita for non-payment of an amount due to the Moroccan club Difaa El Jadida. The transfer of the player Rucky Tulenge Sindani was done but without the Congolese club paying properly the sum due to the Moroccan club.So, unable to wait any longer, the leaders of Difaa El Jadida filed a complaint in 2019 with FIFA. The Chamber of Dispute Resolution imposed a fine of 82,000 euros on As Vita.Thus from June 29, 2020, the Congolese club will have to pay the sum of $100,000 with interest of 5% per year until the deadline of the actual payment.

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As Vita is thus warned because non-compliance with this FIFA decision will lead to heavier sanctions. Already the club will not be able to recruit players for a period of three years.” In the event that the amount owing plus interest as set out above is not paid by VClub within 45 days from the date of notification, the club will be prohibited from recruiting both nationally and internationally during the 3 mercato periods and the ban will only be lifted once the amount is fully paid,” the FIFA judge firmly said.


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