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FRANCE: Jacques Chirac died at the age of 86.


The former President of the French Republic died this morning September 26, 2019 with his family. The announcement was made by his son-in-law Frédéric Salat-Baroux.

President of the Republic for 12 years between 1995 and 2007, Jacques Chirac was one of the best-known pioneers of the French right. Indeed, it marked the esteem and the sympathy of the French thanks to its fight against its refusal of the second war in Iraq, the end of the military district, the recognition of the responsibility of the French Republic in the Nazi crimes, the passage of the quinquennium, the cry of alarm “our house burns” in the face of the degradation of the environment and global warming, a first brilliant victory over the absurdity of the deaths caused by the road.

On the other hand, during his magisterium, Jacques Chirac was much more criticized for his obvious failure in his policy to fight against the reduction of social inequalities. But also, in terms of good governance, the deceased president has been several times in the dock.

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Leaving behind him a France open to globalization and more or less stable political stakes. Jacques Chirac is heir to a foundation created in 2008 by himself after his double mandate. It works in four main areas: access to water and sanitation, access to health and quality medicines, the fight against deforestation and desertification, the protection of cultural diversity


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