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TANZANIA: President finds a solution against long detentions.


In power since October 29, 2015, John Pompe Joseph Magufuli of his real name, is the head of the Tanzanian state. Aware of the endless lengths of detention in the prisons and correction, the President delivers his plan of battle to clear the prisons.

In fact, the country’s prisons are filled with citizens whose only wrong remains offenses committed by involuntary acts, sometimes minor ones. They are also subjected to long and sometimes arbitrary detentions.

Based on this, President John Magufuli, expressed Thursday, July 18, 2019 in Dodoma, the administrative capital of the country, his concern at the plight of detainees. “However, the prison situation of prisoners living in Bitumba in the northern region of Mwanza is abnormal.This prison with a capacity of 900 people today hosts 1000 convicts and 925 detainees awaiting trial,” said the President. .

According to the head of state, this situation can no longer prosper. It instructs Justice Minister George Mwakyembe and the relevant bodies to tour prisons and corrections, province by province, to collect the grievances of prisoners and, in principle, to release all those who are illegally detained.

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Since his visit to Butimba, some 300 detainees have been released in some prisons in the north of the country. It remains to be seen whether the situation of depopulating prisons but also better care for prisoners will be effective throughout the territory.


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