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SENEGAL: Senegalese from abroad mobilize for Diary Sow

Some members of the Association of Senegalese Students in France

The disappearance of Diary Sow continues to worry all Senegalese on the continent or in the Parisian diaspora, where the most brilliant and the “best student of Senegal resides. The one who published a first novel in 2020, “Sous le visage d’un ange”, published by l’Harmattan, of which she herself had drawn the illustration of the first cover page, is in all minds and plunged the Senegalese into total disarray. Senegalese people from abroad whose association of Senegalese students in France mobilized this Sunday, January 10, 2021 to distribute flyers and paste missing persons notices in all the streets of Paris, the French capital. 

This Sunday, January 10, 2021, the entire Senegalese community, made up of students, acquaintances and Senegalais from the outside, crisscrossed the streets of Paris to distribute flyers bearing the photo of the deceased. The goal: to find Diary Sow as quickly as possible. But also to ensure that those who have seen her from the Lycée d’Excellence, can help to find her and make a possible report to the French police services.

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The Senegalese consular authorities and the Embassy of Senegal in France are also on this file.  “The police and the competent French services are informed and deploy the due diligence that is their responsibility,” said in a press release on behalf of his family Serigne Mbaye Thiam, Minister of Water and Sanitation, who is also his sponsor. The French police have already opened an investigation 

Diary Sow lived in the 13th arrodissement of Paris. According to the local Senegalese press, she did not return to her high school for the resumption of classes after the 2020 holiday season. She has been missing since January 5. She has been unreachable for several days.Her unwarranted absence is of great concern.The one that won over all the Senegalese people with her love of studies, coupled with a passion for scientific studies, maths and science, is seen as a model of success for girls in her country of origin: Senegal.

Cheikhna Sy and members of “Sénégalais de l’extérieure”
Cheikhna Sy “Sénégalais de l’extérieure”
Diary Sow

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