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SENEGAL: Dizzying rise in the number of coronavirus infections and deaths


In Senegal, the staggering increase in the number of coronavirus infections and deaths has aggravated the health situation. The second wave of the coronavirus is particularly deadly in the country with a daily increase in confirmed cases that number in the hundreds.This has led to an increasing number of serious resuscitation cases. The Director of the National Samu, Mamadou Diarra Bèye described the situation as difficult.

Increased number of patients in resuscitation and contamination.

The number of coronavirus infections increased sharply in December and accelerated in early January. On Saturday, the country recorded a record 13 deaths in one day. The Director of the National Samu, Mamadou Diarra Bèye, who sounded the alarm, said that «the situation has become very difficult»“It is difficult for populations but also for caregivers. Simply because the number of cases is increasing day by day, on average about 100 cases a day and across the country. What is also noteworthy is the significant increase in Community cases. This shows the active circulation of the virus in the population,” he said before adding: “But beyond the serious cases treated in resuscitation, we have severe cases because these are in the Centers for Epidemics Treatment (CTE) and (since the home management started, asymptomatic cases or people who do not present major risks are managed in homes with follow-up), they require close management with the administration of oxygen and other medicines.Currently, there are nearly 300 inpatients.”

It should be noted that in some communities within the country there has been a shortfall of respirators. This has an impact on the management of serious cases and the number of deaths.

cepticism and mistrust among the population about vaccination
When it comes to vaccines, a large segment of the population, greatly influenced by conspiracy theories on social networks, is wary of anti-Covid vaccines. Distrust is heightened by reports of serious side effects on some vaccines. Dr Mamadou Ndiaye, Director of Prevention, tried to reassure on the issue. “People need to understand that these are normal effects compared to a vaccine, a drug or something else. You go to any local pharmacy, you buy a drug, you take out the package leaflet, we’ll explain everything to you. And we’ll put some undesirable effects on it sometimes. This means that there are a number of expected effects with respect to each molecule or product, each drug or pharmaceutical product, there are a number of expected effects that can be minor or even serious that can be listed. Once again, people understand the principle of a vaccine. It is to introduce something into the body to make it work. It is normal for the body to react a little. The reaction can be an allergy, a fever. So this vaccine is to reproduce, in a way, the effects that will stimulate immunity. Because you have to deceive the organism in a certain way, make it believe that there is something new that has entered and that must produce antibodies to fight against a possible disease.People need to understand it that way,” he said.

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Faced with the increase in cases, the President of the Republic, Macky Sall, decreed Tuesday, January 05, 2021, a state of health emergency accompanied by a curfew between 21:00 and 5:00 in the morning in the regions of Dakar Thiès.

Divisions among MPs over state of emergency and state of siege bill
On Monday, 11 January, the National Assembly will examine the draft law on the state of emergency and the state of siege.This is a draft decree to be adapted to the health crisis that was not foreseen among the elements to justify the proclamation of the state of emergency or siege. So it’s the old order in council that moves to the correction.To the “Law No. 69-29 of 29 April 1969 on the state of emergency and the state of siege” is added the “Management of natural or health disasters” situations. But already, the majority and the opposition are divided. The deputy mayor of Diakhao and chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Abroad, Pope Birame Touré, believes that “no power is too much for Macky Sall.” The time is not for demagogy. It should be understood that this is a law that will allow the President of the Republic to take measures as he has always done and to be able to protect the Senegalese. There is no attempt to restrict freedoms without a valid reason for protecting the Senegalese,” he said.

His opposition colleague, the vice president of the law commission, Sheikh Abdou Bara Dolli Mbacké, to take his back foot. He is even organizing with the parliamentary opposition to attack the bill. “I have already registered 11 signatures, I want 17 so I can attack the bill before the Constitutional Council. The Senegalese Democratic Party has not yet signed, however negotiations will continue with this party. Whatever the situation, we will face the National Assembly and if necessary, attack it at the level of jurisdictions,” he said.

Please note that today’s plenary session will be held behind closed doors due to the pandemic.


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