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CAMEROON : “Beautiful” of Mario Epanha celebrates black beauty.


“Beautiful” is a celebration of black beauty captured through the lens of Paris-based Cameroon-born photographer, Mario Epanya through exceptional photographies. 

“Beautiful” presents a stunning collection of existing and never before seen portraits featuring everyday women and models
of color.

Mario Epanha pays tribute to the strong women who raised him, his beloved grandmother, mother, sisters, aunts and friends – telling the visual story that black is indeed “Beautiful”.

Over a decade, Mario Epanya has been working to promote
diversity in fashion and portraiture, highlighting the myriad shades and textures in black skin tone and hair as well as the variety of body shapes and sizes.

His iconic images, shaping the modern face of African beauty, fashion and style have appeared in groundbreaking publications, among them New African Woman and Zen Magazine and in campaigns for the likes of L’Oreal Paris and Maybelline New York.

About the autor

Mario Epanya is a Paris based commercial beauty and fashion photographer whose work focuses on diversity in fashion and portraiture. Born in Cameroon, Epanya started his career as a self-taught hair and makeup artist in 1995. In 2000 he moved to France where he studied and became a professional makeup artist working for the likes of Dessange Paris, and as a hairdresser and assistant for art agencies through which he worked for several high fashion brands.

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In 2007 Epanya made the transition to photography and set up his studio, Studioepanya. He began creating his iconic images that are shaping the modern face of African beauty, fashion and style.

In 2010 Epanya garnered widespread attention for his creation of ctional Vogue Africa covers celebrating black beauty. The buzz drew attention to the need for greater diversity in the global fashion and beauty industries.

Following this, Epanya created an online magazine, Winkler, and held his first photography exhibition, GLAMAZONIA, a series of black and white images dedicated to black beauty, which travelled the world.



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