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GUINEA: 75 girls from KPAAF school received scholarships

75 scholarship holders @ Guinea Buzz

The company Guinée Games, the African Voluntary Foundation, the Minister of Public Works Moustapha Naité, the businessman Nasser Arabe and the family of the former US Ambassador Simon Henshaw, who died on June 9, 2020, have funded in all the scholarships for these students of the KPAAF school. The scholarship ceremony took place on Friday October 2020 in Conakry the capital.

These scholarships for Professional Studies in Couture and Fashion Trades allow those concerned to have training in this field of sewing and fashion. In total, it is 75 scholarships distributed as follows: 5 scholarships come from the late Simon Henshaw; 30 from Guinea Games; 25 from the African Volunteers Foundation; 5 from the Minister of Public Works Moustapha Naité and 5 from Naser Arrabe. While these scholarships make it possible to facilitate the training of these young students, they also make it possible to promote female entrepreneurship, their empowerment and emancipation. “Our goal aims to promote female entrepreneurship, to contribute to vocational training, to capacity building for the promotion and socio-professional integration of young girls in disadvantaged backgrounds in order to achieve effectively in the process of socio-professional development. -economics of their country but above all to advocate their emancipation and empowerment, ”said the founder of the KPAAF school, Aminata Diallo, the founder of the KPAAF training school.

75 scholarship holders @ Guinea Buzz

Former Ambassador Simon Henshaw was very close to the Guinean population. A memorial was inaugurated in his name to salute his memory. “Mr. Simon Henshaw and his brave wife Mrs. Jackie Grenne have been of great help to our center. It is he and the Ambassador (of the United Kingdom Editor’s note), David Mc Leroy who inaugurated this school on December 6, 2019 (…) These scholarships funded entirely by his family now bear the name “Simon Henshaw scholarships”, a way for us to honor with great emotion the memory of this great American diplomat, for all that he brought to Guinea in general and in particular to our professional center KPAAF Guinea ”, declared Aminata Diallo with much emotions.

Remember that the training will last 3 years for all young girls. They will then be operational in the labor market.

75 scholarship holders @ Guinea Buzz

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