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IVORY COAST : Yaya Touré: The Ivorian does not think about retirement and wants a final challenge

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The former Manchester City midfielder is aiming for a final challenge at 37. In France, Italy or England. Yaya Touré is not yet ready to retire. The Ivorian has not played an official game since the loss to Nantong Zhiyun (2-1), almost ten months ago. However, the player does not hide his desire to replay. The tireless Yaya Touré in search of a final challenge. The 37-year-old has not made up his mind to hang up his boots. After making a kicking call on England the Ivorian looks kindly at Italy. By AfricaTopSports

“My career won’t last forever, but I know I still have a season or two left,” the Ivorian told Tuttomercato. I didn’t know how much I would miss playing football. I miss the energy, the locker room, the team spirit and the feeling you get when you win games. I’m looking for my coaching degrees, but I have my whole life to take that path. If I stop playing now, when I still feel great, I will always regret it.

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He added: “I would like to play in Italy, as I have never played there before, but maybe also in France or England, where I have good memories. I will be ready to take up all the challenges that Serie A offers me. It’s not about the money. It’s about football. I want to play because I know I can still play. “

The appeal of the foot of the former AS Monaco and FC Barcelona is launched, fans are now advised.

Source : AfricaTopSports / By Isidore Akouete


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