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MADAGASCAR: The world of sport in mourning


Table tennis player Mamison Raoiliarivony, 61 years old, and ferrist Manda Andrianaivoravelona 52 years old, retired. They were two icons in their discipline. The world of sport is in mourning. Covid-19 hit the sports family.

The two former athletes were highly appreciated trainers in their federation. They provided advice and shared their experiences which allowed them to become known on the national but also continental scene. Mamison Raoiliarivony trained future champions in table tennis techniques. He was the former coach of the national team. He had won medals at the Island Games and the African Games. He carried the title of former glory.

Manda Andrianaivoravelona, on the other hand, excelled at Malagasy arm wrestling. Thanks to him, a Sports Arm of Madagascar Federation was established. He was the first National Technical Director (DTN) of the discipline since tree years. 


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