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MADAGASCAR: Rural development: 106 new agricultural technicians to support farmers

These 106 new agricultural technicians leaving the EFTA are from the first promotion. @Midi Madagascar

The Ecole de Formation de Techniciens Agricoles (EFTA) has just trained 106 students in this field. The latter took a two-year training course at the school’s centres, which are scattered throughout the six former provinces of Madagascar, to obtain the diplomas of Senior Technician or Certificate of Higher Agricultural Technician (BTSA). These young people from the first promotion will implement their achievements in order to increase agricultural productivity and, subsequently, achieve the objectives set by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, which is food self-sufficiency. By Navalona R.

To improve living conditions.
It should be noted that their training focused mainly on the development of the three key economic sectors of rural development, namely agriculture, livestock and fisheries. Communication in professional situations, human development, personal development and the monitoring and evaluation system are, among other things, training modules. The objective of the training within the School of Training of Agricultural Technicians is to help and support producers to improve their living conditions and, in particular, to contribute to the implementation of the development policy of the State through the ministry of guardianship.It must be recognized that the peasants need these technicians so much to supervise and advise them in case of difficulty during the growing season or in terms of livestock management or in terms of the conservation of their fishery products. This will ensure rural development.

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Climate change.
In addition, 47 agricultural advisers from the 2nd class also received their certificates of completion of training after studying at the four EFTA centres. Of these, twelve young people have undergone training at EFTA Analamanga. The latter aims to forge agricultural technicians capable of supporting family farmers so that they can cope with climate change and promote sustainable agriculture in order to contribute to Madagascar’s food security. The Great Island is among the top five countries in the world vulnerable to climate change.And the negative effects of this phenomenon are already being felt in the agricultural sector. In the case of EFTA Analamanga, the graduation ceremony for the 22 senior agricultural technicians and certificates for the 12 agricultural advisers was recently held in Ambatobe. It should be noted that the national diploma framework for the Agricultural Technician occupation applied at the level of the EFTA training centres was validated in 2017, and has been applied since 2018.

Source : Midi Madagascar / By Navalona R.


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