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MALI – Creation of a war school


On Thursday, September 23, 2021, the National Transitional Council adopted the project to create a War School. The Council, which has all the powers of a Legislative Assembly during this transitional period, promulgated the creation of this institute, which was conceived and intended by the authorities in place. The primary objective is to strengthen the national security arsenal by training future Malian army cadres.

Senior officers of the defence and security forces in the army, the police, the gendarmerie but also some civilians are all concerned by this Mali war school, the EGM. It will also be a place for research on defence and security strategies, in collaboration with academia. 

For many years, this idea of school was in the process of being developed within the authorities, but the new Transitional Council has made it a top priority. The aim is to gain independence and autonomy but also cohesion within the national army. The army executives will now be able to be trained on Malian soil instead of Western foreign schools. 

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The officers who will be trained there will be able to occupy the highest positions of a staff, within the Malian National Army, and participate in international operations, particularly in UN peacekeeping missions.

If the project has already been validated, no date or place has yet been advanced for the training courses. More than 2.5 billion FCFA, is the total cost of the future War School


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