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MOROCCO – Many migrants killed in a stampede


The Spanish enclave of Melilla was the scene of a real drama on Friday, June 24, 2022. Migrants tried to make a massive entrance into this space in the north of Morocco. Hundreds of migrants eager to join Spain for a better life have unfortunately been trapped in a murderous stampede.

At least 23 people died from trampling or falling iron fences separating Morocco from the enclave. 76 injured including 13 serious cases. About 100 police officers were also injured. It is a real tragedy that arouses anger and indignation around the world. Many migrant advocacy associations have asked for a reliable investigation to place the responsibilities on this revolting situation.

By the voice of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, the Spanish authorities have accused this Saturday, June 25 the networks of smugglers. For them, they are ‘mafias’ who traffic in human beings’. The Spanish Prime Minister considers that this is an attack on the territorial integrity of his country in a press conference held in Madrid the day after the tragedy.

The victims of the tragedy are mainly of sub-Saharan origin. Some NGOs specialized in migration issues believe that the number of deaths is higher.

This is the place to put the burning issue of migration back on the table. Should we always let people who are only asking for better-being die in inhumane conditions? What measures are the countries of Africa taking to keep their young people in despair? Do European countries promote in their trade with Africa the conditions conducive to economic growth and the development of populations? These are all questions that could be analyzed to prevent these unfortunate situations.

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It is inconceivable that at the gates of these so-called polished nations, human lives would be thus shredded in the eyes of all humanity. I can’t wait for the African Union and the sub-regional organizations of the black continent to give voice. These are their children who are getting lost in this terrible spiral. The Mediterranean has almost become a marine cemetery for migrants. A few years ago, migrants were sold as slaves in Libya. It is time for all this to stop. In the name of human dignity!


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